Picture Of Cereal Breakfast Meal

Picture Of Cereal Breakfast Meal

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Interesting Facts about Cereals

Breakfast cereals started as a part of a diet in hospitals of the 19th century. Today, they are beloved breakfast food in many homes. Here you can find some interesting facts about cereals.

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Types of Cereals

There are many types of cereals in the world, both natural and those manufactured in factories. Which natural ones will grow where depends on the climate while which those artificial will last depends on the market climate.

Types of Porridges

All places in the world that have grains, developed in one time or another, some form of porridge. Variants depend on which type of grain grows there and on taste of the local peoples but the principle is generally the same. That is why we can all place them under the same name – porridge. Read more about different types of porridges.

Health Benefits of Cereals

Not all breakfast cereals are healthy. Some have high sugar, sodium and fat and are not good for you. Other (like those made of whole grain) are highly beneficial for a human body and are probably the best breakfast food we have.